Aug. 21st, 2013 09:24 pm
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So I've started having organic/free range vegetables/fruit/meat/dirt delivered in a box from a local farm. Riverford, in case it matters. Mostly to make myself learn how to cook, but also because I hate giving supermarkets my money for stuff I don't really want to buy.

These boxes are a bit food roulette, as you can't really choose what you get, as it's all seasonal. So far I've learned to cook broad beans (including a stunning broad bean and courgette risotto, if I do say so myself), weird kinds of cabbage, kaesespaetzle mit blattspinat, how to play padron pepper roulette and how not to joint half a chicken. Chocolate courgette cake was good, afelia was AMAZING, and I've got a whole lot better at cooking in general. I even did a steak, potato, roast tomato and broad bean salad. I know, I know, who am I and what have I done with Nom?!

I'm going to start trying to keep some kind of recipe record here, as I have no better place to do it. I'll try put them under a cut so I don't end up being a recipe bore.

Today I did beef and green bean stir fried with noodles and mixed chard with sesame and oyster sauce.

You need:
Quick fry steak
soy sauce
oyster sauce
green beans
sesame oil
sesame seeds

Basically, chop steak into strips, marinate in garlic, soy sauce, honey and a little sesame oil. Parboil green beans (not sure I needed to do this), boil noodles and saute a sliced onion in a little oil. Add steak to onions with parboiled beans and stir fry for 3-4mins tops. Season with black pepper and a bit of sambal oelek. Whilst this is happening, wilt some shredded chard in a little oyster sauce (tasty but really strong) with toasted sesame seeds (chucked under a hot grill until brown and lovely smelling) for <1minute. I discovered you need about 100 times more volume of chard than you think, it's worse than spinach! I should have toasted all of my sesame seeds really, but yunno, hindsight.
REALLY good. Om nom.

I am going to attempt this later, as I have raspberries in the box and otherwise I will just gronf the lot.
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