May. 15th, 2014

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I might try updating daily for a while - just to get a handle on moods/events/linkages.

This last fortnight has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I applied for a job as senior biomedical scientist in technical development in the UCL Advanced Diagnostics unit about 8 weeks ago, and had forgotten that I even applied when I got an interview last week. Interview went amazingly, the people were friendly and enthusiastic and generally "my kind of people" and the post seemed pretty much perfect. I got offered the job the following day and was ecstatic, even though it would have involved moving to London, which I have always been very loathe to do.

Then I saw the pay offer...

Basically, taking into account the high cost of moving to London or commuting, it would have been a salary drop of about £600/month. I just can't sink that kind of reduction :/ So I had to turn it down. Very disappointed. BUT! At least now I know that for the right job I actually would consider moving to London - so that's useful. Also, getting offered a senior position in a prestigious, cutting-edge institute was a great confidence booster.

Then I went to scope out a job I got invited to apply for in Southampton - instant no. The same deal as I have now, but in a less well-thought of hospital in a grubby windowless lab furnished with broken, uncared for equipment from the dark ages. And Even More On Call (BUT THINK OF THE MONEY,THE BEST THING ABOUT ON CALL IS THE AMAZING MONEY - said the manager with ££ in his eyes...). Yeah... no.

But then I finally seem to have got a collaboration with a major training hospital sorted out after 2 years of fruitless wrangling - which would enable me to do my Advanced Diploma in Dissection, and maybe even the Expert Diploma after that. So hurray! Cue getting drunk on a school night on prosecco and cocktails. I feel much more positive about staying in this post if I can only shift that running-on-the-spot-getting-older-and-less-skilled feeling. Hopefully a proper weekly training course will help.

On the printmaking front, I finished my Foundation in Printmaking and sold FOUR prints at the Foundation Show at Red Hot Press. I'm in a Proper Exhibition at a Proper Gallery mid June! If anyone wants a Private View invite it might be lots of fun. And you get to see my horrible fly prints in amongst nice flowers and more competent arty efforts.


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