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This week's continued to be mental, work-wise. It kinda went flu-flu+funeral-work 9 days in a row-collapse-go to London-collapse. Of course tomorrow is back to the grindstone, this time for an 11 day week. Can't wait to escape to Canada!

Did manage another batch of lino cutting, this time re-working an old block for two-colour
printing. Much more successful I think, though still on the uphill slope of the learning curve!

Variations on a theme of weevil

London was bittersweet: we went to War In The Park, for which we have [ profile] afm13 to thank, in the main. War... was terrific fun, except that it also heralded probably the last time we'll see our bosom buddies Timbo Stuntbowie and [ profile] maracacha in a right long time, as they're moving to Berlin next week. Parting is such sweet sorrow, etc. I'm still in denial. Anton liberally doused the place in Grade A Siberian testosterone, Bleak tore a giggly, gaping hole in the space-time continuum, i Am immune *literally* took it to the bridge (and almost fell off), poetry was perpetrated and peaches and cyder* were consumed. Full pictorial record here.

Joe Law singsBleak as your soul, mateCountry Al has a fan

London also meant clearing out my desk at CRUK for the last time, attempting (sadly unsuccessfully) to print the final copies of my thesis that I owe the university in order to actually graduate, and some flat out awesome sushi at Sushi Hiroba. Soft shell crab hand roll was droolworthy; I never understood the appeal of roe before, but whatever the little black salty popping orbs of joy that encrusted this with were, I salute the fish that spawned them, OMG.

Today, we're trying to learn Morgan Rattler (a traditional English 48-bar jig) on my shiny new recorder and his lovely parlour guitar. Ugh so many quavers... and poor poor neighbours.

*because as any fule kno, a surfeit of peaches and no cyder was enough to do away with at least one Bad King.**

**Muahaha! I abuse both Sellar & Yeatman and Willans & Searle in one fell swoop!
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Work is still insanely busy and the lieu time continues to accrue apace. Also still beset by reviews, data entry and goodness-knows-what-else. Don't have time to think, hardly. Was [ profile] carolive's birthday last weekend: she requested "a Caroline beetle, duh!", see below. She do like pink, our Caroline.

Carolinia: finished itemCarolinia roseus rex

A bit more cartoony than I'd usually like, but I thought she'd prefer cutesy and I was not wrong. Was pretty pleased at my first solo attempt at framing/matting too.

Sunday gone was Bang The Bore, our local noisenik nuisance showcase. First time I've got to see Team Brick live, who was ASTOUNDING: fusing drone, feral percussion and throat singing to electrifying effect. Another standout act was Dead Wood, who used bowed bells and cymbals with lo-fi FX to produce some truly gorgeous corruscating resonance, which contrasted nicely with the more crunchy white-pink-brown* noises of UltraHumanitarian, Petals and Masterly! and Farewell. I really enjoyed Spoils and Relics too, who did fun things with a spring and some tinfoil along with some Masonna-style trad wash. Pre-BtB dimsum coma administered by the wondrous (if soemwhat eccentric) Pearl Harbour is threatening to become tradition. My pictures are here.

*Now that I read that back, it sounds like a veritable Neapolitan ice-cream of noise...


May. 16th, 2010 12:31 pm
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Just back from a week flitting between Seth and Sara's in Leeds and the National Blood Service in Sheffield: man, that clocked up some miles... Even my sketches came out Cross Country colours >_<

Omnicoleopteros peripatus

Was up North for a week-long Practical Introduction to Transfusion Science course, which turned out to be highly entertaining: fun classmates, great teaching, fascinating information and really well-designed practicals. Sackboy came with me, of course, though I'm not sure he really got the intricacies of the Rh system, but he wasn't exactly alone in this, as half the class had collective meltdown...

The canteen food was utterly hilarious: no attempt at anything resembling vegetables, every item a glistening golden brown... I've never ever seen rogan josh served with Southern Fried curly fries (no rice available) before, nor seen "vegetable pasta bake" composed of macaroni cheese mixed with tinned sweetcorn, carrots and peas with a layer of crinkle-cut crisps as topping, but then again I've never come across "stuffed mushroom" turning out to be a grilled mushroom with a slice of melted burger cheese on top either. All this under a banner proudly proclaiming "EAT OUR HEALTHY OPTIONS!". Head. Desk.

Staying with S'n'S was fantastic. Tuesday we headed out for dinner in Harrogate, which turned out to be a Northern version of Bath, and had the best dessert I have ever had in my life in The Harrogate Brasserie (unfortunately abbreviated to "Harrogate Bras" on my reciept *giggle*). Dark and White chocolate and cinder toffee terrine with Baileys ice-cream in a brandy snap basket with strawberries, redcurrants, creme patisserie, butterscotch, raspberry and mango coulis on the side OH MY GOD. The venison main was pretty astounding too, and we managed 3 2-course meals with drinks for £50!

Thursday we went to see the utterly bonkers Omar Souleyman: a deadpan kitsch porn star-moustachioed, mirror-aviatored and keffiyeh-clad purveyor Syrian street-pop at the Brudenell Social Club, which I think has to be one of my favorite venues ever. If I ever get married I want him to play at my wedding.

ANYWAY. I'm back now and straight into revising for Viva date #2. Roll on May 28th, not.
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It's been a while, hasn't it!?

Well, I spent a week in London doing an intensive burst of lab-work to try and get the last project over with so we can write it up for publication. Then had one night at home to grab clean clothes then headed back for Field Day in Hackney and warehouse shennanigans in Hackney Wick.

Field Day was incredible! )

This week, looking after my sister's shop while she's on holiday. Next week: [ profile] prosepina's wedding outfit and finishing this thesis chapter!
gnommi: (Default) which the wet weather continues and the sky never lifts from a sullen lead grey. I've been largely sequestered indoors, beavering away on [ profile] prosepina's wedding outfit and making a million and one composite micrographs for my thesis. Managed to make it out into a scant half-hour of sunshine for [ profile] carolive's birthday and Seth's leaving do/monster improv gig, Bang the Bore on Sunday, however. Today I'm off to London to finish taking photos for this chapter (hopefully), road-test the commute to a job I've been offered in East Acton and to have a drink or three with [ profile] irda.

Bet it rains again.


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