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Birthdate:Nov 26
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Having just (successfully) finished Digby The Slowest PhD in The World characterizing pancreatic stem cells over 5 years of dividing her time somewhat successfully between Southampton and London, Gnom can generally be found debating something trivial or technical in some bar or other, wading through variously revolting and fascinating surgical specimens in the wilds of the path lab, spectating in a club somewhere not-too-wholesome, not-too-sleazy, sporting some ludicrous outfit or other, drawing preposterous insects or aggroing mobs somewhere in the dark recesses of Argent Dawn. Her life is nowhere near as interesting as it appears, and someday soon she might actually find the time to grow up. Names will not be changed to protect the innocent, on the grounds that she hasn't seen any yet.

I now have an Etsy shop in an effort to spread the beetle love around!

If it's not suitable for everyone to read, then I'm not going say it on the internet.

Films I like:

Music too:

I'm not sure why there isn't a similar dingus for books.

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_really_ living, aaron spectre, abnormal crafts, abusing film, all kinds of crafts, almost everything, amigurumi, amoral cuties, anachronistic museums, anna kavan, archaic non-fiction, artifice, authenticity, avoiding microsoft, bai ling, bdsm, beading, beadweaving, beck, bizarre electronica, blatantly unsuitable women, breakcore, brunel, cabinets of curiosities, cancer stem cells, cephalopoda, clifftops, cliffwalking, clouddead, comparative anatomy, computer gaming, connecting, cooking what i catch, corrupting my nephews, couture, crappy old cameras, dead stuff, decaying ironwork, deciphering lautreamont, disgraceful behaviour, dressing up, dressmaking, dusty knick-knacks, dyeing the bath, ec1, eclectic anything, eventually learning lampwork, fear, fetish clubs, fishing, flatland, folk tales, fossils, freaks' life stories, friends with benefits, generally tarting about, getting full dreadmist, getting my doctorate, glass, grotesquerie, grumpy blondes, hans bellmer, henry wellcome, hiding in shrubbery, histology, histopathology, hoarding, hobbit wrangling, hobbit-wrangling, holga, holga photography, honking and plonking, horror, horror movies, iceland, ikb, ill-advised alterations, insects, interactive fiction, isambard kingdom brunel, jan svankmajer, japan, jean genet, jeffrey combs, joel peter witkin, junji ito, kaidan, kashpoint, katamari damacy, keisuke kishi, king of all cosmos, knob-twiddling, lam ching ying, laughing at the horror-of-being-alive, laughing at the-horror-of-being-alive, learning shruti box playing, learning to like solitude, lubitel, macabre coincidences, making stuff, marc brunel, mark ryden, marrying salma hayek, medical imaging, meticulous dissection, midwinter sunrise, miss roxy beaujolais, monsters from the id, monsters of silent hill, mounted skeletons, mst3k, nagnagnag, noir-ish anti-heroes, noise music, nudibranchs, obscure trivia, obsolete medical textbooks, operational steam engines, overcoming, pancreatic pathology, pancreatic regeneration and pathology, parodius, pathology, photographing cemetaries, pink grease, pink plus-fours, power games, quality wrongness, ray caesar, raymond chandler, reading aloud, reanimating humphrey bogart, robot rollcall!, roistering, rudy rucker, scaring children, science, seafood, sewing, short stories, silly clothes, silly dress-up, simple kid, sinister folk art, sleazy disco, soloing scholomance, sonic experimentalism, stem cells, stop-motion, stylish armour sets, surfeits of gin, surrealism, survival horror games, t*r*a*s*h, takato yamamoto, taxidermy, taxonomy, the city of london, the cock, the planiverse, the sea, the violets, tickling my tastebuds, tony millionaire, torture garden, toy cameras, trawling ebay, trevor brown, trilobites, troy nixey, turning crap into eclectica, turning into bette davis, vania zouravliov, venetian snares, victorian engineering, victorian explorers, warp records, white zombie, windy hilltops, world of warcraft, wunderkammern, yukio mishima
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