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...there's been a week in Berlin, during which time I discovered the wonders of Liquidrom's spas/saunas where I tried frying in the sauna then walking about naked in the snow and floating in an isolation tank, the astounding Berliner Medizinhistoriches Museum and surreal, deserted snowy forests. Berlin was a lot of fun and just the ticket for relaxing - photos are here.

I went to the Horniman Collection in Forest Hill too. If deformed taxidermy is your bag, you should totally go. Or musical instruments. They have all of them, and you can hear the noises they all make too. And the view over London is tremendous. AND IT'S FREE. Photos are here.

We spent a long weekend on the Isle of Wight, too, at Gothic View, a tiny converted chapel in Chale Green. Went to the endlessly bizarre Blackgang Chine again and walked the Old Blackgang Road (most of which fell into the sea in the mid nineties) as far as we could, and came across an abandoned and ruined nudist camp, complete with naughty murals. The grey stone house at the bottom of that thread is now a ruin, having caught fire catastrophically some time in the last year. Photos to follow, when I get my arse in gear and find a new photo hosting site (see below*).

I've also taken up semi-permanent residency at Manor Farm - they have a never ending supply of Middle White x Saddleback and Saddleback piglets. So good for the soul. Currently undergoing some expensive psychotherapy, which actually appears to be helping, but at £6 a throw, scratching piglets and hand feeding chickens seems like better value.

*I'm truly sorry to have to link to Flickr there, by the way, as it seems to have done it's level best to make my nicely laid out, spaced out, tagged and geo-tagged photos into some kind of unlabelled visual vomit. If anyone knows of any valid alternatives, then do let me know?

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Date: 2013-06-02 07:26 pm (UTC)
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Nice to read something from you here again...

LJ is so quiet these days... (months / years)


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